Vote Early, Vote Often, for Steve Foster Ga 14th

I hate this county, I pray that God would curse it…

Steve Lamar Foster, Democratic Candidate 14th Congressional District, Georgia

The video speaks for itself.

Typical Democrat Candidate

It is not often a democrat lets the mask slip and presents the views that endeared him to the party bosses. Foster must have impressed the local pols, he’s still their boy even after his arrest and conviction. Watch the video this is who democrats are and what they believe.

Nancy Pelosi ought to be nervous. Her replacement is waiting in the wings, down in Georgia 14th Congressional District. Steve Lamar Foster is the perfect democrat. He’s a drunk. He claims to have been arrested repeatedly in multiple states, he is a defrocked physician, and he is crazier than a shithouse rat. With qualifications like that he is a shoe-in for the Speakers position, should the democrats prevail in November

The Associated Press reported that “state records show Foster’s medical license expired at the end of 2003. The Composite State Board of Medical Examiners suspended Foster’s medical license indefinitely in October 2002, citing concerns that he was ‘unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to patients due to a psychiatric disorder.'”

Foster was pulled over for DUI by the Dalton Police Department. Officers subsequently obtained extensive video of the “Best of Steve Foster”. He blew a .103. That is not knee-walking drunk, but it will do. The legal limit is .08. He went to trial. It took the jury fifteen minutes to vote to convict.

Dan Lovingood, the Democratic Party’s 14th Congressional District chair and the first vice chair of the Whitfield County party, said Foster remains in the race for the congressional seat.
“He would not have taken this to trial if he had thought he would be found guilty,” Lovingood said. “I have no comment to make other than that. He’s still in the race…As his manager, I will go with his decision.

Dan Lovingwood, democratic party 14th Congressional District chair

 I wonder if the Sheriff will allow Foster to attend Congress on work release?