Used to Be …

Texas Ranger Bill McDonald guards Love Field, “One Riot, One Ranger”

Back in the day, old time Texas Rangers used to have a saying, “one riot, one ranger.” The story goes that in 1896, Ranger Captain William “Bill” McDonald arrived in Dallas, where he had been sent to prevent the illegal heavyweight prize fight between Bob Fitzsimmons and Pete Maher. The mayor met McDonald’s train and asked where the other Rangers were. McDonald replied, “Hell, ain’t I enough? There’s only one prizefight!”

“When the facts conflict with the legend, print the legend, ” John Ford.

The reality is that Captain Bill was not alone. The audience was populated with the Texas Ranger hierarchy and other Texas Rangers, all there to see the illegal fight.

Back to current day. The Uvalde Independent School District Police Department is comprised of six officers. Regular readers of this blog will recall what low regard for school district police officers and agencies. Texas DPS is going to supplement the school district police force with thirty DPS officers.

That old joke how many weightlifters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Four, one to do the actual work, two to spot the worker and one to exclaim, “You’re looking huge man!”

Five DPS types to replace or augment one school district cop. Based on my experience with DPS, they’re gonna need more troopers.