I Didn’t Know

Police conducting unannounced home visit

I was assigned to a narcotics task force, in Texas for fifteen years. During that time, I participated in thousands of search warrants. Every one of them was preceded by a briefing where other officers were briefed on the background, the suspects, the goals to be achieved and the duties of each member. This was all laid out in what was called a raid plan. We then set out to execute a legally authorized search pursuant to a warrant.

Now I find out I was wrong. Mea Culpa, I never went on a single raid. The two, sometimes three guns I carried with 160 rounds of ammunition and the ballistic vest I wore were not “raid gear.” The sixty-pound battering ram and Halligan tool I sometimes carried were not for forcible entry. Merely universal keys, fits any door. Our activities encompassed the new fashionable term, a lawful search pursuant to a warrant. I would suggest another euphemism to replace the term “RAID”. How about an unannounced home visit? In all of those thousands of raids, I never once went through a door where I didn’t first have authority to conduct a lawful search pursuant to a warrant. 


Sure, am glad liberal assholes and their flunkies in the mainstream media cleared that up.