Unclear On The Concept

It used to be that there was a hierarchy among crooks. Hit men ranked higher than garden variety murders. Bank robbers were a breed a part from guys that held up 7-11 stores. Safe-crackers were considered craftsman. Like everything else, these days, pride in workmanship has suffered.

Here is an example of how not to do a robbery.


Nicholas Mark went to the local Pizza Shop, supposedly to apply for a job. Subsequent events indicate the job application thing was just a pretext. He used the application thing to case the place. Generally it is a good idea to check out a location prior to robbing it. That way the robber has insight as to the layout of the place.

When implementing a scam, it is advisable that would be crooks practice their cover story. This is so that they can answer simple questions and appear plausible. Nicholas didn’t have a cover story. However, he scored highly on the plausibility aspect. He used his own name and address.

Having set his prospective employers mind at ease, Nicholas made his move. He stole the tip jar off the counter and bolted for the door. Nicholas had not yet plumbed the depths of his stupidity. When he was chased and confronted by an employee, Nicholas pulled a knife. What started as a theft, now turned into an armed robbery. How stupid can one get? Hold that thought.

Nicholas wasn’t done yet. He had more stupid to display. During his escape Nicholas abandoned his backpack. The same backpack he carried into the pizza shop. Inside was his identification. The identification confirmed the information that he had given during his “job interview.” His arrest soon followed.

There used to be a hierarchy among crooks. Near the very bottom of the jailhouse social scale were the rapists and child molesters. Who could possibly be lower? Guys like Nicholas who are soon turned into “bitches” for the perverts in the pod.