MSM Lies and Incompetence

Fort Worth woman sentenced to 30 years for taking, sharing nude photos of 1-year-old

The headline from the Fort Worth Star Telegram says it all, or does it?

This is an example of a newspaper that is not interested in relaying factual information. Sensational and titillating takes precedence. I would take it a step further. In my view the headline evokes sympathy for pedophiles and pornographers by presenting incomplete facts.

I’d be willing to bet damn near every family that has kids and a camera has photos of the kids in the bath tub. George Bush once flashed a photo of his brother Jeb, as a toddler, running naked in the backyard. Don’t burn your pictures just yet. That is not why this woman is going to prison.

One must drill down nine paragraphs before the headline is put into context. Even then, it is rather murky. The woman engaged an undercover investigator on-line. She described instances of sexual abuse she committed on two children. She supplied digital files of child sexual abuse. The photos of the naked one-year-old were included. The photo of the naked one-year-old was one of several photos.

During their conversation, “Jessa H” described graphic sexual abuse she said she committed against two children and shared a file of child pornography. One image depicted a 1-year-old boy who was not wearing any clothes.

So the question becomes. Is the Fort Worth Star Telegram so incompetent that they cannot get the story straight? The alternative is that the Star Telegram supports pedophiles and pornography and will go to any lengths to present such deviates in the most favorable light.

It is not enough to assign blame to the reporter. Presumably an editor had a hand in crafting the story. There may be another editor responsible for the headline. The publisher cannot avoid responsibility. The publisher has established a culture, within the paper, that allows this type of reporting.

I guess if you get right down to it the people in the Fort Worth Star Telegram circulation area bear some responsibility. They purchase ad space and the final result. This is a prime example of the real role of the MSM. It is not to inform. It is to sell tampons and toilet paper.