Trump to Surrender in Atlanta

I admit I’m luke warm on Trump. I think he accomplished many positive things, as President. But … he’s from New York and all New Yorkers are assholes, without exception. I wouldn’t play a round of golf with him. If he is the nominee, I will vote for him again.

If he is serious about exposing the democrats for the slime that that they are, he now has a perfect opportunity. Tonight, he can walk into the Fulton County jail and refuse to put up bail or agree to any conditions for a personal recognizance bond. Make the Sheriff book him and his Secret Service detail into the Fulton County jail. Hey, it worked for Martin Luther King.

If Trump was jailed it would demonstrate a new level of commitment. Between Putin shooting down the airplanes of his political rivals and Buttigieg causing train wrecks Trump is rapidly running out of transportation options.

This a chance for Trump to be the Nathan Hale of the 21st century without the noose.