The Wisdom of Bert and Ernie

Which one of these is not like the other?

There is a trick to teasing information out of the MSM. Keep in mind the newspaper and the information contained within are designed to last no longer than the average bowel movement. One of the things that I do is take information that is seemingly unrelated and make comparisons. It is gospel in the MSM that SUV’s are responsible for the wholesale slaughter of people. Just read the headlines. Take this one from the New York Post.

What difference does it make that the three people died in an SUV? A plane fell on them. It might be relevant if the SUV jumped and collided with the plane. But as the pictures show, that didn’t happen. Is the SUV to blame because it presents a bigger target? Remember the family that died when their SUV went off the cliff? It went off the cliff because the driver chose to engage in a murder suicide.

If one holds to the MSM logic the only tragedy behind John John Kennedy’s plane crash was the fact that he wasn’t piloting a 737 with every seat occupied by a family member.

The reality, according to the Insurance institute is that occupants of small cars die far more frequently than those in SUV’s.

Small cars and minicars accounted for 15 of the 20 models with the highest death rates for model year 2017, while nearly half of the 20 models with the lowest death rates were luxury SUVs.

Very large SUVs have the lowest overall death rate of any vehicle category with 15 fatalities per million registered vehicle years. Minicars have the highest at 82.

Insurance Institute

But those facts do not jibe with the narrative that the MSM is pushing.

BFD! How does one make the segue from SUV’s and missing blond chicks? This is Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito she went on half a road trip with her boyfriend. Chances are the cops have found her body out in a National Forest. She made a bad choice in a traveling companion. Go ahead Google her name. I did and got 1.4 million hits. Okay, I concede that 1.3 million are for Gabby Petito diet products, car warranty plans and other product endorsements. That still leaves a shitload of hits.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito

This may come as a surprise, but Gabby Petito was not the only woman to be reported missing in September. The others don’t count to the MSM. They were either the wrong color or wrong shape.

Abigail Aguilar Martinez only rated 75,000 hits
Destiny Jackson only rated 72,000 Google hits

The missing woman in Central Pennsylvania couldn’t even get her name in the paper.

So what does it mean? In each of these missing women cases the cops appealed to the public, via the MSM, for help. The MSM is overwhelming liberal. On top of that their mission is clear: “To sell tampons and toilet paper.” Gabby is the best vehicle to accomplish that goal. It would seem that out of 300 million plus people in the United States only one woman was reported missing in September, Gabby Petito.

SUV’s and dead blonds it’s not about news but furthering an agenda.

Want to see a bigot? Find a liberal and take a good look.