Nomination For A Hero Badge

I often refer to the FBI as that Fucking Bunch of Idiots. That is unfair. Idiots don’t have the capacity to understand and know better. These assholes with FBI badges know exactly what they are doing. I think it is a felony to possess knowledge of child sexual abuse and not report it. Yet that is what the FBI has done in the case of Larry Nassar and likely, Jeffrey Epstein. I guess the FBI deserves some credit…. they haven’t killed Nassar. Yet…

Nassar was the trainer/coach of women’s gymnastics vying for the Olympics. He had a hobby masquerading as a gynecologist for the young girls in the program. Allegations were made to the FBI field office in Indianapolis. Soon the Los Angeles Field office and the Lansing Field office became aware. The FBI didn’t investigate and made no referral to local agencies. Here is an except of the OIG Report, followed by a link to the complete report.

The ultimate irony is that it is a felony to lie to an FBI agent. When an FBI agent lies to the public it is just business as usual.

Should you hear a knock at the door and find the FBI, don’t say anything. If you say anything to the agents, given the FBI history the agents are liable to lie about you lying to them.