Tax Reform A person Could Get Behind

First two felons for Tax Holiday being processed

This is why any sane person should be praying for the San Andreas fault to open up and swallow that whole cesspool. The California Penal Code, police, courts, and prison system has provided insufficient incentive to keep the denizens from killing one another. 

I thought if you didn’t break the law, the state wouldn’t screw with you was motivation enough. Now they want to pay people not to do what they know they shouldn’t do anyway. Bullshit! California-city-to-award-stipends-up-to-1k-month-to-those-deemed-most-likely-to-shoot-somebody/?

I’ve got a better idea. California residents who blow up some asshole that needs it, after being no-billed are eligible for a tax holiday. No property, excise or income taxes for the year. One tax holiday per customer per year. Remember what happened to the Buffalo.

A tax reform program could reverse California’s population loss. There are ancillary benefits that could become obvious as time goes by, new opportunities for hunters and sportsmen, relief of prison overcrowding and less reliance on the onerous three strikes law.

You ask how can you justify that? Simple, let’s use a burglar. In California, it will cost $41,298 to prosecute the burglar. If he is sentenced to prison, then the cost is $71,000 per year. Let’s call it a five year bit. That comes to $355,000 plus the original $41,290 or$396,298.

Blowing up bad guys has a distinctive blue collar flavor, but what the hell we’re talking California. A Malibu property is liable to set the property owner back 1.5 million dollars with an annual property tax burden of $11,895. A property owner who blows up one burglar saves the state $378,408 once the property taxes are deducted. This would seem to be a win-win for all concerned, the state who no longer has to chase the burglar, the homeowner who gets a break on his taxes, the burglar’s family who no longer have to put up with his shit and the burglar who was tired of people fucking with him.

There I fixed it!