Suidide by Cop


The usual suspects are all upset because the Sacremento Police shot an unarmed man. The way the community is acting you’d think that assholes were an endangered species. Autopsy-reveals-cops-shot-man.

Even with two body cams and a FLIR from the circling Police helicopter, the community activist types are trying to make this a controversial shooting.

Clark, a black man was studying brain surgery while working days building a charitable organization to rival Mother Theresa’s.  I made that shit up.

Clark endured personal tragedy within his family. A sister died at birth. A 16-year-old brother was killed in a shooting in 2006. A representative with the county coroner said De’Markus McKinnie died from what was ruled an accidental shotgun wound to the abdomen.

And Clark had a criminal history, four cases in four years that included charges of robbery, pimping, and domestic abuse. Sacramento County court files show he pleaded no contest to reduced charges, spent time on a sheriff’s work detail and was on probation for the 2014 robbery when he was killed.

There is a double standard at work. Clark only collected four cases in four years. In almost sixty-five years I’ve never been arrested, but I’m the asshole.

Demonstrating that one doesn’t have to be very bright or honest in order to be a community organizer. “Neither officer involved in the shooting, nor the helicopter pilot didn’t know this, not one of the people who might have called 911 knew his record. So his record is irrelevant to what happened,” Roberts said. But Clark knew, sure does point to motive as to why he ran. A convicted felon, doing what a convicted felon does is out victimizing friends and neighbors of his grandmother. The police are called and respond. Clark, on probation, caught in the process of violating his probation and likely having a good idea of what his Probation Officer’s reaction would be, ran.

The only information that I obtained from the body cams was that the involved officers didn’t sound stressed. They were communicating with one another, formulating plans and following the plan. They gave plain easy to follow orders and they reacted appropriately given the circumstances. Once cornered, had Clark stood his ground, the officers would have held what they had until reinforcements arrived.  Instead, he charged the officers, an aggressive act. In doing so, he took the luxury of time away from them, with predictable and justified results.

The next issue that the BLA matter crowd will bring up is that he was shot in the back six or seven times. Yeah, so? Here is where the FLIR really becomes useful, FLIR stands for Foward Looking Infra Red. It sees heat, even bullets impacting. Watch the helicopter footage. Clark starts running towards the officers. The officers yell, gun and begin shooting, between the two officers I would estimate twenty rounds. The initial rounds appear to be striking low right; I think I counted eight. During the initial burst of gunfire Clark either goes down or reverses direction. Put a stopwatch on the gunfire and Clark had enough time to spin a pirouette.

Here is an exercise you can try at home. Snag the kids nerf gun, grab your neighbor; we’ll call him bullet dummy. Stand ten feet apart facing one another with you holding the nerf gun on the bullet dummy. The added motivation you just watched him slaughter a busload of nuns and then kick your dog. If he moves you are to shoot him. Bullet dummy, whenever you feel froggy jump! Turn around and run away. Do it a dozen times, chances are bullet dummy gets it in the back. There is no getting around the fact that the shooter is reacting to the bullet dummy and that reaction is always going to be a little slower.

Now grandma can whoa’s me and trot out Clark’s illegitimate offsprings in an effort to drive up the payout in the Ghetto Lottery. She can be proud she raised him right, he didn’t have a gun, didn’t injure the officers, so the payout should be sufficiently large.

If Clark, pimp, thief, and bully decided it was his time to go; who are we to argue or mourn?