Nothing Happened

Lesbian Couple Twists off Kills Family in NORCAL

Community Ignored  Warning Signs

Style is no Substitute for Substance 

Eight Dead No Guns in Sight


No skid marks, no evasive action, I’m guessing no indication of tire failure. Oops!

Call me cynical but dressing like a little baseball team without a team is an indication that things weren’t right. Two Mommies, I don’t give shit if one says she’s the husband, if she can’t piss standing up and hide in the bathroom for an hour at a time; she isn’t. A rule with no exceptions daddies have penises.

Now we get the reports. One Mommie convicted of assaulting one of the kids. White liberals assault their kids, it’s a one-off thing. People of color abuse their kids; somehow a more encompassing detailed action. MSM wordsmiths can handle a variety of ills. Need a bigot, call a liberal.

Child Protective Service came knocking but nobody was home. White people go on trips. People of color fugitate (evade justice). Reports are kids didn’t interact with neighbors, were rarely seen outside. One child went around the neighborhood begging for food. Now neighbors are saying, “yup, something weird about them folks … should have called somebody.”

THis shit sounds familiar, where have I heard it before? Wait, wait, don’t tell me it was something recent. Donald Trump’s upbringing, no, not that. Plot for that fat chick’s, Rosanne, new old sitcome, nooo. The latest school shooting, with out the gun, BINGO, HOLD YOUR CARDS WE HAVE A WINNER!

Remember the guy with the most school kid kills didn’t use a gun. Nope, he blew up the school.