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Florida man won’t be charged in bestiality case because of law loophole

What can I say? When the pitcher lobs one over the plate, I just gotta swing.


Florida man won't be charged in bestiality case because of law loophole
Florida prosecutors aren’t charging Eric Antunes, a man accused of performing oral sex acts on a dog, despite the state recently passing anti-bestiality laws. (Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office) 

Florida authorities are powerless to prosecute a former animal shelter worker accused of performing sex acts on a dog because of a loophole in the state’s anti-bestiality laws — a development that has outraged animal activists.

While a Sunshine State law enacted last year prohibits bestiality, it doesn’t explicitly forbid oral sex with animals, the Tampa Bay Times reported Wednesday.

The lead is about this idiot having sex with a dog. Florida drafted a new law regarding bestiality, lawmakers apparently couldn’t conceive of anybody having oral sex with an animal. Consequently, they didn’t address the issue.  You have to read the story to find out he is also charged with possession of kiddie porn. I suspect the kiddie porn calls for more time than the bestiality charge. He isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

I have no doubt that the defendant can find a willing  psychiatrist or psychologist in dire need of cash.  Mercedes payments aren’t cheap. I can hear the testimony on his behalf. “Sex with animals is normal. It is society at fault for being so narrow minded.”

This incident reminds me of a joke.

Two good old boys are sitting on the porch. They are watching a dog licking his balls. One says to the other, “Wish I could do that.”

The second replies, ” You can try, but he’d probably bite you.”