Stupid Crook Tricks

My buddies at the Galveston Narcotics Task Force had a saying, “If they weren’t so stupid we’d never catch them.” Stupid is a relative term. Every once in a while a turd comes along that redefines the term. Meet Tommy Lee Beverly.

Beverly committed an armed robbery that netted him a cell phone. Shreveport police didn’t have any trouble identifying him as a suspect. A couple of days after the robbery the victim contacted the police to advise them that the robber had used the telephone to take pictures of himself. The pictures were uploaded to the victim’s cloud account. They were then downloaded to the local crime stoppers site. Police had him identified in two days. He is currently a fugitive. Selfies-snapped-on-stolen-cellphone-used-to-ID-thief.

It must be tough being Tommy Lee. Poor Tommy Lynn too lazy to work and too stupid to be a crook.