Can You Say Bullshit … I Knew You Could

How can you tell when Rosenstein is lying? His lips are moving. I can accept that there are times when the government is justified in lying to the public, national security, investigative techniques, identity of witnesses and co-defendants. However, covering one’s ass is not an acceptable reason. It is especially unacceptable when the guy doing the lying is treating the public like a bunch of idiots. Liberals do it all the time because they know the MSM will not challenge them. Rosenstein-defends-charging-foreign-agents.

According to Rosenstein:

  • “The American people have a right to know if foreign governments are targeting them with propaganda.”
  • Rosenstein said such indictments can act as a deterrent.
  • He said revealing the charges also serves to air the allegations to the U.S. public, bolstering confidence in the justice system.

The American public already knows that they are being targeted with propaganda from enemies both foreign and domestic. A Grand Jury indictment lays out the bare bones of the government case. Grand  Jury testimony is secret. Without a trial, the evidence to support the charge will never be seen. The indictment adds nothing to the public knowledge.

An unserved (unservable) indictment demonstrates the powerlessness of the government. I guess the Russians could be deterred out of a sense of embarrassment.

A toothless prosecution doesn’t bolster my confidence in government. How about you?

Keeping in mind the current round of indictments, let’s revisit some other antics of the Special Prosecutor. From the Manhattencontrarian BLOG, And now, for some more entertainment value, here’s something that you may not be following: the upcoming trial in the DC District Court of one of Mueller’s targets called Concord Consulting and Management, LLC.  That’s one of the sixteen or so Russian individuals and entities indicted by Mueller earlier this year for supposedly having some part in the mythical Russian election collusion.  Clearly, Mueller and his team intended the sixteen indictments for pure show and never expected any of the defendants to show up to defend.  But one of them, Concord, has.  And apparently, Concord’s presenting of a defense has caught Mueller with his pants down, unprepared to fulfill his discovery obligations or to proceed with the trial in accordance with the Speedy Trial Act.  On June 12 Mueller moved for what’s called a “protective order” to prevent Concord from sharing any discovery in the case with its own personnel, including officers and directors, on the grounds that they are “foreign nationals.”  That inspired this response from Concord’s lawyers at Reed Smith:

Having produced not one iota of discovery in this criminal case, the unlawfully appointed Special Counsel requests a special and unprecedented blanket protective order covering tens of millions of pages of unclassified discovery. Having made this special request based on a secret submission to the Court and a hysterical dithyramb about the future of American elections, one would think that the Special Counsel would cite to case holdings that support this remarkable request.  But no, instead, the Special Counsel seeks to equate this make-believe electioneering case to others involving international terrorism and major drug trafficking and relies only on irrelevant dicta from inapposite, primarily out-of-circuit cases. In short, fake law, which is much more dangerous than fake news.  Moreover, if the Special Counsel has any lawful authority at all, which he does not, he certainly has no authority to conduct non-criminal alleged national security investigations related to future elections as he appears to admit he is unlawfully doing.

This appears to me to be a cynical attempt to propagandize the American public by a domestic enemy. Indictments without a subsequent trial mean that the allegations are unproven and have the same weight as gossip and innuendo. Through cynicism or arrogance, Rosenstein and company are demonstrating utter contempt for the American people by treating them like idiots. It has been said that a prosecutor can get an indictment against a  ham sandwich. Rosenstein and company have taken the manipulation of the Grand Jury system to unimagined heights.

These two actions by the Special Prosecutor undermine remove any claim to legitimacy and credibility that he may have had. I don’t believe Rosenstein, the FBI, or the contents of the indictments. Rosenstein has done as much as Neshoba County Sheriff Lawrence A. Raineyto undermine the public’s faith in the criminal justice system.