Solution to Homelessness

Down and out a cottage industry.

I saw this on Powerline and thought, this guy gets it. Too bad liberals don’t.

I don’t have a universal solution to homelessness but I have one on a city by city basis. In addition to eliminating the homeless problem it will cut taxes, shrink government and discourage those self righteous shrews known as liberals. I honestly can’t see a down side.

Ready? Here we go. Cut all local programs to support homeless, crazoids, and addicts. Take some of the money saved and divert it to the police. Enforce local ordinances and laws governing quality of life issues. Shit on the side walk because you don’t have a bathroom? Now you do, it’s called jail.

If lack of a rest room was a crisis for all homeless people then they would all shit in the street. Arrest statistics indicate that, that is not the case. Can’t follow the rules, go to jail. To do otherwise is discrimination. See a turd on the side walk, meet a liberal. Liberals have such a low opinion of homeless people that they get a bye. Not so with dogs shitting on the street. Dog owners are expected to clean up after their pets.

Everybody knows that when pigeons find a free lunch they hang around. They also shit on those in the surrounding area. No soup kitchens, no feeding the homeless. Want a free meal? Go to the Salvation Army and abide by their rules. Pick food out of the trash? There’s an ordinance against that, go to jail. This isn’t discrimination it is equal application of existing laws.

It has become fashionable to equip police and EMS with Narcan to revive overdose cases. Why? If somebody wants to be a junkie let them take the full ride. Why revive them so that they can overdose again? In one Ohio city police and EMS have administered Narcan to one junkie 27 times. Had they left him alone the first time the problem would have been solved.

But, but, but, you are creating a hostile environment for the down and out. So? Turn it around to do otherwise creates a hostile environment for those that make an effort to obey the law. The down and out can modify their behavior, hit the road or go to jail.

The added benefit is that so called community activists lose their base. With no client base there is no reason to fund their charitable efforts. That means that the inflated salaries and expense accounts go away. Monies expended on failed programs are freed up. I guess they can take their virtue signaling on the road with the bums and crazies. As Horace Greely once said, “Go west.”

I recall that as a young patrol officer in a city along IH 35 watching the migration of bums. Come fall they would all be heading south. I would stop and talk to them. Most were pretty incoherent. They might have been crazy, but they weren’t stupid. Detroit was no place to be homeless in December. Come spring they would head north. The Texas coast had nice weather but couldn’t beat the welfare up north.

This isn’t about discrimination against the poor and crazy. Everybody in a community is bound by the same set of rules. If one is unable or unwilling to play by those rules then they are entitled to move along to another community, more to their liking. That is called exercising freedom of choice, it’s not just for abortion!

Some liberal shithead in San Antonio came up with a sign, “No selfishness” . This was in support of people than would not lift a finger to change their situation. They did nothing to support their family. They relied entirely on the largess of others for their support. Damn, sounds like selfishness to me. There is only one rational response to such a cry. Fuck You. I’m not being mean, just acknowledging the fact that whatever side of the coin adherents, supplicants or supporters fall on, they are wrong.