Nomination For A Hero Badge

Here are two stories that illustrate just how screwed up the MSM and the average “Joe” is.

Volusia County SO, Florida

A wacked out woman tossed her dog off a second floor balcony in Volusia County (Daytona Beach) Florida. She was arrested and the dog was treated and then placed in a “foster” home. Children are placed in foster homes, not dogs. Needless to say the woman has attracted the ire or dog lovers everywhere. But what really set the mob to howling was the statement that it was up to a judge to determine if she got her dog back. The story sparked outrage and a flurry of comments (89). Here is a sampling:

Grateful catgirldreamer II • a day ago • edited

Story said she threatened to jump off the balcony herself. They should have encouraged her to do it. Then the deputy would not have had to take her to the ground. Maybe they would have just had to haul her off in a hearse (sp?). That would have saved the cost of a trial and Miracle would still have an uncontested new home where she is obviously loved and appreciated. People who are cruel to animals are worse than Demo-fascist communists and that’s saying something. I suspect they are one and the same.19 ReplyShare ›

Now that the mouth breathers have had their say, I’ll tell you the rest of the story. The ability of the cops to seize property is predicated on the fact that the seizure is just a first step. It is up to an independent magistrate to determine if the seizure was justified and lawful. Two sentences and I cleared up the confusion. Why couldn’t the MSM do that?

Many times the owner or possessor never bothers to challenge the seizure. The availability of an avenue to challenge a seizure is what differentiates a seizure from theft. Under Texas law, even a thief has the right to challenge the police seizure of the property he stole (CCP 18.16, Preventing Consequences of Theft).

Meanwhile in McKeesport, Pennsylvania a patrol officer was shot outside the police station by a suspect he had arrested. The officer had already recovered one gun during the arrest. Imagine his surprise when he discovered that the suspect had two guns!

Twenty-six people saw fit to comment about this incident. There was a whole lot of invective directed at the suspect. Well wishes and hopes for the officer’s speedy recovery, not so much.

Cops these days. While on patrol I always carried two guns, three if you counted the shotgun locked in the rack in the patrol car. The officer in this story learned a tough lesson, but at least he survived.

I’m not complaining. People have a Constitutional right to be idiots. I learned that if you kept your expectations really low, you would occasionally be surprised, but never disappointed.