Political Terrorism Comes To San Antonio

An act of political terror happened in San Antonio, this week. A teen and two buddies were in a What-A-Burger in the early morning hours (nighttime) when a big guy came up to their table and unprovoked ripped the MAGA Hat off one boy’s head. He followed that act up by dumping a soft drink over the kid’s head. The kid and friends kept their heads and the bully was last seen waving the hat as a trophy. Texas-teen-says-had-drink-thrown-at-him-at-Whataburger-because-was-wearing-pro-trump-hat.html

Those that don’t know history are destined to repeat it. It’s time for one of my magical mystery tours, follow along as I tiptoe through history, criminal law, and procedure, pop psychology, protests, liberal scum bags and how to conduct a genteel conversation when both parties agree to disagree.

First off let us define the playing field and the rules of the game. Title 9 Use of Force https://statutes.capitol.texas.gov.  There is no duty to retreat in Texas. When the suspect approached, verbally abused and stole the hat the following offenses were complete: Disorderly Conduct (Class C Misdemeanor), and Assault (Class B Misdemeanor). The penal code does a zig-zag here. Normally the value of the hat determines the level of the offense. Twenty-five dollar hat, (Class C Misdemeanor). But… the suspect took it directly from the person of the victim, that elevates the offense to Theft from Person, (Third-degree felony) or if assaultive conduct was involved, pulling hair, coke dumping, then Robbery, (Robbery by Assault, Third-degree felony). Since the theft offenses occurred in the early morning hours (nighttime) Title Nine of the Penal Code authorizes the use of deadly force to stop the offense or immediate escape therefrom. In other words, Bullyboy should be dead.

One of the reasons that the early Texas Rangers were so effective in controlling border violence is that they found it was easier to kill offenders than prosecute. Will L. Wright was commissioned Captain of Company B, Texas Rangers, in 1918. In 1919 Co. B was assigned to the lower border.  Will had to contend with a new form the Rangers adopted for reports. Formerly the Rangers had simply written narrative reports, but the new one had blocks to fill in. One of the blocks was labeled ‘Disposition of Prisoner.’ Will scratched his head, thought about it a while, then wrote “Mean as Hell. Had to kill him.” Sometimes the old ways are better.

We have a winner ladies and gentlemen. SAPD took the suspect into custody overnight and opted for the “Theft from a Person Charge” This is a felony. SAPD-Suspect-in-assault-over-MAGA-hat

Nationwide there has been a steady escalation of protests, assaults, trespasses and criminal mischiefs aimed at people doing their jobs. They intended to get a meal, leave a meeting or catch a plane instead, they were treated as if they had just delivered a thirty-minute diatribe. We have sitting members of Congress calling for violence against the opposition simply because they disagree. Two can play that game.

The first step is to order your MAGA hat. You might want to get two or three. As it might get tied up in the evidence room. Take the time to mark it inside the hat band so you can identify it as yours. The next step is to carry your Medicare card so you can demonstrate that you are over sixty-five. There is a penalty enhancement.

Keep in mind the difference in ages, body condition, infirmity all will be considered in determining the necessity and the justified level of force to be used. This is important for two reasons, offense and defense. Your age and condition relative to a 20 something thug is a good argument not to go toe to toe and to take that option entirely off the table. Because of our infirmities, we may get to jump to the head of the Use of Force Continuum and in fact make it much easier to remember. Here is a typical Use of Force Continuum

Here is one for the retired: Please don’t hurt me, Bang!, Please don’t hurt me, Bang! (Apply as often as necessary.)

During WWII the German navy sent out Q Ships. These ships appeared to be merchant vessels when they were actually warships with hidden guns. The theory was that other lonely merchant vessels might seek safety in numbers and approach or allow themselves to be approached. Either way, once the Q-ship was close enough to engage the true nature and colors would be revealed.

Greman Q-Boat or Commerce Raider

What I am proposing is a variation of that theme. Head out for target rich environments wearing your MAGA hat. This can be done alone or in tandem. Wait to be approached and abused. The numbers of individuals involved, level of force, verbal abuse, waving display of weapons, spitting all would go to show that a “reasonable person” would be in fear for his safety. There is no need to retreat but repeated requests to, “be let go,” may serve to illustrate that you were held against your will.

But it’s a hat! So what? Read the penal code, you can cover most of it in one long shit. There is a wide degree of latitude in the Texas Penal Code when it comes to punishment. Crimes directly related to property, theft, fraud, burglary are all punished to a lesser degree than offenses directed at a person.

The penal code even takes into consideration that two persons may mutually engage in prohibited conduct, disorderly conduct, affray, and assault can all be mitigated when the parties involved agreed to engage in the prohibited conduct. Texas becomes less forgiving when one individual decides to prey on another either for economic gain, societal level, racial makeup, or sexual orientation. The value of the hat is not $25 dollars. It is the fact that the $25 hat that was sitting on the head of a person going about their lawful business was taken from the person, an act that put the victim at hazard for life and limb that escalates offense level.

People have a right to protest as long as that right doesn’t impinge on their neighbors. They do not have a right to riot. They have a right to carry signs, they do not have the right to mount signs on steel pipes and 1×2 and 2×2 boards. They do not have a right to throw fireworks and stink bombs. Molotov cocktails are bombs, it is a felony to make or possess. They are destructive devices capable of maiming, killing and causing massive property damage They represent deadly force and only deadly force. Yet the MSM would have people believe throwing Molotov cocktails is normal acceptable behavior, within the context of a riot.

When the average Joe starts pointing out certain behaviors as being unacceptable and backing up words with actions then there will be a return to civility. Why is it that the left can reject all that has stood for hundreds of years and at the same time demand we comply with the latest CIS gender scam of face sanctions? Stop being polite, reject the bullshit and the people pushing it. Grab a MAGA hat and say, “Knock it off my head, I dare you!”