Point of View

Point of View

I look back on all the misinformation and slightly wild assed guesses (SWAG) that have come about in regards to “global warming” climate change. I applied the lessons learned to the hype regarding the Chinese virus. The take away remains the same when analyzing data: garbage in, garbage out.

David Horowitz has some numbers that you won’t see in the MSM, at least not all in one place. Hit the link.

Cure Worse than the disease?

This brings to mind an incident that happened when I was a rookie cop. It was right at shift change when I got the call for a suicide. I responded as a back up officer.

When I arrived, I observed a white male college student laying on a bed. A shot gun was on the bed with him. He had an obvious gunshot wound under his chin. His tongue was severed in the blast and it was sitting on lips. His head was still intact but the shape was distorted by the force of the shot.

I cleared the scene and returned to the station. I arrived back at the station about the same time that the on-call detective arrived to gather his equipment to take over the scene.

Since I was now off duty I decided to tag along. My second trip to the scene revealed additional information. The victim was a college student. He shared the apartment with a roommate. The roommate is the one that found him.

The roommate revealed that the victim was upset because he felt he was unfairly put upon by his father. Dad was upset because junior was in danger of flunking out of school. On top of that Junior had run up substantial bills on several credit cards.

Then the roommate dropped, what for me was the kicker. The victim used his roommates bed and shotgun to do the deed.

The ensuing search of the residence revealed that he had a shot gun and bed of his own both well suited to the task. We located a suicide note. In it the victim blamed his father, because dad had cut off funds. Stacked up next to the note were the credit cards, all cut in half.

Privately, I concluded the world was a better place for his passing. Financial difficulties, suicide note, contact wound under the chin sure looked like suicide to me. But then I was a rookie and this was my first suicide. What did I know?

The crack investigator, who saw and heard everything I did, reached a different conclusion. He had, just that day, concluded a forty hour “death investigation” course. He announced that he figured it was a “masochistic suicide.” Nowadays the act is referred to as an “autoerotic death.”

Masochistic suicide or autoerotic death is a step to far in the attempt to induce a world record orgasm. On the menu at Victorian Bordellos it is probably a safe but expensive practice. After all there is a whore supervising.

Done right, the object is to interrupt the blood supply to the brain at the same time one is reaching orgasm. The object is to simulate cumming and going at the same time.

Problems arise when things go wrong. The individual loses consciousness and suffocates. It’s a hell of a way to go and be found. Just ask David Carradine. From noted actor to a guy caught jacking off in a closet.

Forensic Scientist Says Carradine Death May Be Linked to Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation

I pointed out that masochistic suicide involved strangulation not shotguns. The detective wouldn’t be dissuaded. He had learned a new term and wanted to be the first detective on the block to use it.

Fortunately the Justice of the Peace was not impressed. Thirty seconds after arriving the J.P, announced that the guy was dead, by way of suicide.

Years later, in a conversation with the same detective, I took him down memory lane. I mentioned the suicide. He got a wistful look on his face and announced that he thought he was right and the judge was wrong.

What is the takeaway from this story? Not all experts are. Experts make mistakes. The expertise of an expert may be so narrowly focused that they can’t see the bigger picture.