Perverts and Politicians

Harvey seems to understand the term NO! around me.

I have been following the stories regarding various and sundry predatory sexual abusers in public life. Last week it was Harvey Weinstein and this week it his homosexual male counterparts is on deck and apparently batting next.

Semantically No means No, I understand that. However, placement of the comma is critical. “No, Don’t, stop” has a different meaning than “No don’t stop.” I am not trying to blame the victims or excuse the offenders. During a ten year period, when they were most active Harvey Weinstein and Blow Job Bill the Serial Rapist and former President racked up similar numbers. Does anybody believe there were only fifty victims for each?

We know that Harvey struck out with potential victims characterizing his advances as sexual harassment rather than sexual assault. Why did he succeed with some and not others? I guess that the women that made out of Harvey’s clutches had a fallback strategy that they were able to use.

Back in the last century, when I taught SWAT and Officer Survival to police officers our training cadre had a saying: “In a crisis, you can do everything 100% right 100% of the time, and your survivability rate will only be 70%.” I suppose we stole this from the military. It is certainly an admission that Murphy, of Murphy’s Law Fame, is out there. It may have come from the experience gained in countless westerns. No matter how fast or how true one’s aim is, there somebody else out there who is faster and whose aim is better.

Feminists will argue that women have the right to dress however provocatively they want and flaunt it. My response is fine, “what’s your fall back when the situation gets out of control? Last time I checked Laura Croft had a stunt double.

The Weinsteins of the world are out there, and they will continue to do what they do. The Weinsteins of the world have a simple goal, to get more ass that the toilet in the ladies room at the roller derby.

There needs to be a realization that some situations are inherently unsafe. With prior planning, you can avoid the hazard. No two situations are the same. Just because the Senior Prom came off without a hitch, doesn’t mean a weekend ride with the Banditos is a good idea.