Oh, For the Good Old Days

Locking The Wackos in the basement wasn’t all bad…

Support Horse on Air plane

There is a cottage industry for psychology hacks that need to make a Mercedes payment. For a fee they will provide paperwork that says an individual requires a “support animal” in order to fly. There is no standard of training or behavior that the support animal must meet. Flying is no picnic, sharing your seat with a farting horse is a whole new level of hell. https://www.businessinsider.com/southwest-airlines-allows-mini-horses-in-service-animal-policy-update-2018-8

Here are some of the support animals that airlines have been forced to accept.

I find the turkey a curious choice. I guess turkeys don’t get to fly out of Logan Airport in Boston. I base that judgment of the stories out of Boston about turkeys as terrorists. They gotta be on a watch list.

How the mighty have fallen, took on the British, caved to the turkey


The airlines are afraid that if they ban the animals they will run a “fowl” of the the American’s with Disability act. I’m just a broke down retired narc. I’m don’t think that ADA requires a provider of services to supply a caretaker. The solution is simple, airlines can simple say ” Of course your animal can fly. You on the other hand, are too fucking crazy to board an aircraft. Try AMTRAK.”

No Pigs!