Girls With Guns

Lachelle Hudgins

Turds reached in the car and tried to steal her purse. The purse contained her handgun. She retrieved the gun and let them have the bullets. One suspect hit and four running like hell.

She hit one suspect the others ran away. They left their homeboy behind. Honor among thieves. Ms. Hudgins found herself in a situation that makes her a poster child for self defense concealed carry.

Lone female, late at night, deserted parking garage, confronted by multiple suspects, who attempt a strong arm robbery. Oops.

Anti-gun folks would probably try the old misdirection play. “Shooting somebody to prevent a theft is not justified.” To take this stand requires that one accept the following:

  • Robbers and thieves have a right to ply their trade without fear of being confronted by victims.
  • Young women have no right to be out late at night, bad things can happen.
  • The application of violence directed at victims is acceptable. Victims meeting violence with violence against thieves is not acceptable.
  • (Although the race of the suspects was not stated, statistics indicate the strong likelihood that they were also black). Liberal racism accepts the fact that black males engage in criminal behavior). Low expectations.

The reality is that this is not a “property crime.” Robbery is a crime of violence directed at an individual, in order to gain property. In this case it was committed at night. Texas law authorizes the use of deadly force when the crime of robbery is committed in the nighttime.

People have a right to go about their lawful business unimpeded. This lady was parking her car, in her parking garage. She was home. Houston police do not plan on filing any charges.