Nomination for Hero Badge

Image from dashcam video showing Ohio deputy sprinting towards his cruiser as it is rolling away in reverse.

Ohio deputy chases his cruiser as it rolls away at traffic stop _ Fox News.

Used to be that when a vehicle slipped into reverse, it would eventually start circling. The officer is going to see this image on the day that he retires. Could have been worse.

Something like this happened to a rookie I knew, one night. Night being the operative word. He stopped a Cadillac El Dorado convertible with the top down, occupied by two high mileage blondes. He was so busy strutting and trying to impress them that he never noticed when it suddenly got dark. He was working so hard on the line he was putting on them that he wouldn’t let them get a word in edgewise. They tried to tell him that his patrol car left without him but he wouldn’t listen. The car backed away then circled crossing five lanes of north-south traffic and six lanes of east-west traffic coming to rest in a flower bed, about one hundred feet to his left. He was still trying to impress the blondes when his sergeant drove up and asked him where his patrol car was.

His hopes of getting laid were dashed, but his sergeant gave him a screwing he’ll never forget.