Nomination For Hero Badge

This officer is a bigger scum bag than anybody he ever put in jail. He has no business wearing the badge. His fellow officers would do well to remember how he treated his K-9 partner. In my opinion, his behavior says that his word is no good and he can not be depended upon. Go down a dark alley with this guy and it’s like being all alone. He broke the faith.

Ringo at retirement ceremony

Jackson police officer demoted after surrendering his retired K-9 to animal shelter

A Jackson police officer has been demoted after dropping his K-9 off at a local animal shelter. 

Officer Carl Ellis was the handler for Ringo, a K-9 who retired from the force in October. After his retirement in October, Ringo was surrendered to a local animal shelter, according to an emailed statement issued by the Jackson Police Department on Tuesday night.

Ringo was “thought to be living with his handler” but, unbeknownst to JPD, was adopted from the shelter, said Sgt. Roderick Holmes. Once the department learned of Ringo’s surrender and later adoption, Ellis was “reassigned to patrol duty.” 

Retiring a police K-9 can pose a problem for bureaucrats. When it came time for the task force to retire one of our K-9’s, the boss contacted Austin. The dog was purchased with grant funds. The boss was seeking guidance on how to document the retirement. The current handler agreed to provide a home to “Rico.”

The idea that we were going to give away a $6,000 asset didn’t sit well with the bureaucrats in Austin. Surplus property could be sold or destroyed but couldn’t be given away.

The boss drafted a press release. He noted that Rico had made significant seizures during his time at the task force. It was now time for him to retire. In recognition of his faithful service, Rico would be taken to a local vets to be euthanized. This was in keeping with the policy established by the Governor’s office. 

He faxed the “press release” to the bureaucrat for approval. He obtained a response within a minute. When last seen, Rico was kicked back on the couch watching daytime soaps.

 This handler had options. He chose not to exercise them. Any number of officers that worked with Ringo would have been happy to offer him a home.