Nomination for Hero Badge

I usually don’t blog on Sunday, but low hanging fruit. The bad news an FBI agent in Denver is not quite the dance sensation he believed himself to be. The good news, he will have plenty of spare time to get that move down pat. Dancing FBI Agent Drops Gun Shoots Bystander.

It happens. Most of the time when it does, we don’t do it on video or have an Accidental Discharge (AD) to ensure everybody is paying attention. The gun did not discharge because of the fall and contact with the floor. It discharged after he stuck his finger on the trigger, just like guns are supposed to work.

Back in the 70’s I had a buddy who was a patrol deputy in Florida. He carried a S&W Mod 25 with a six-inch barrel. We are talking a big heavy gun. It was the only handgun he owned, so he carried it off duty also. We were standing in line at a 7-11 re-upping beer and cigarettes when the gun tucked in his waistband fell down his pants. Since he was wearing cutoffs, it didn’t have far to fall before the gun was free of any restraint. Those in the store that didn’t hear the 2 1/2 pounds of metal hit the floor couldn’t miss what happened next. He stepped forward to pick the gun up and instead kicked it so it skidded another ten feet across the floor. By the time he recovered his gun, we found ourselves first in line.

I wonder if they disco balls and dance competitions in Portal, North Dakota population 124. If he gets to keep his job, he will likely find himself in environs where dancing and good times are rather limited.