Nomination For a Hero Badge

Is Shacking up in a Motel Six truly homeless?

This was kind of a close call. The Chief issued an apology. There is no indication that disciplinary action has been initiated. He could have turned this back on critics but didn’t.

Look at the picture, panhandling in the roadway is a violation. The photo documents at least twenty-five incidents. If you accept the posting, the police department created a designated unit to combat the problem. Here is proof that they are doing their job.

Where are the sociologists and psychologists to deal with these poor homeless dregs? Where is social services?

Stick Your Head in the sand

Good work guys! As a cop, I viewed these so called homeless con artists as just another piece of trash in the gutter. By the time these turds started populating intersections, I was no longer working patrol. I didn’t have to deal with them.

I recall one incident where I felt I made a positive contribution to the plight of the homeless. My partner wasn’t so sure. We were working dope. We were doing our best to look un-cop-like. Mostly this consisted of long hair, being unshaven and wearing blue jeans that could stand on their own when we took them off.

The ensemble was completed by my cut rate Sonny Crockett g-ride. I was driving a twelve year old Datsun 280 Z with three layers of Earl Scheib’s best cut rate paint jobs. My partner had seized it from a mild mannered faggot hair dresser several years prior.

It had been the pride and joy of the hair dresser. He normally drove a shit box to dope deals. It took four drug transactions before, pressed for time, he showed up in the 280 Z to sell cocaine to my partner. Bye Bye 280 Z. The hair dresser went to prison. His car joined the war on drugs.

Five years after the fact, the 280 Z was my G-ride. The paint was peeling, it suffered from whisky dents up and down both sides. The illegal window tint was wrinkled and bubbled, but there we were.

We were headed back to the office and had just pulled off the highway. As we cruised up to the red light, we spied a turd working the intersection. He displayed a sign. It said, “Homless Will work for food.”

Shitheads who work intersections hope for the fat cat in the Cadillac or Mercedes. They hope that liberal guilt will result in substantial cash. It happens, but not as often as they would like. Instead, they rely on their fellow shitheads to flip them some change, or a joint.

Spotting my ratty 280 Z and spying our shining faces through the windshield, the turd was ever hopeful of a payoff. I opened the driver’s window, which caused two reactions. My partner was giving voice to “What the fuck?” while the turd came trotting up to the car. The light changed. As I pulled away I shouted out, ” You misspelled homeless. You left off the “E” in homeless. When last seen the turd was inspecting his sign. He was looking at it upside down.

My partner berated me and stated his conviction that after five minutes with me Mother Thersea would be calling me a motherfucker. Could be, but I never met the lady.

The next day we pulled up to the same intersection, same players, same car, and same turd. Only this time his sign read “Homeless, Will work for food”. He had inserted an “E” in a different colored marker.

I maintained that the change to the sign vindicated my efforts from the previous day. Had I given the turd a quarter, he would have remained ignorant. By pointing out his error, the turd took steps to correct his error and better himself..

I think Jesus said something on that very subject. Something about giving away fish, verses teaching somebody how to fish.

The guy with the sign was still a shithead however, he was a more educated shithead.

A person deserves respect by their actions. A shithead on the side of the road has no claim to respect. They deserve civility but not respect.