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Incompetent Affirmative Action Police Officer Found Guilty of Murder in Minneapolis

Everybody else will be second guessing the verdict, so I might as well add my two cents. First, race had nothing to do with this verdict. The verdict was based on the conduct exhibited by the participants. Most of the time, in officer involved shootings, the alleged victim was engaged in criminal conduct (real or imagined). Overcoming that burden is a step too far for most plaintiff attorneys.

Minneapolis police officer convicted

This case was different. The victim was not engaged in criminal conduct. The best efforts of the plaintiff attorneys could not change the fact. Juries are not sympathetic when the overall circumstances show that the deceased was engaged in prior criminal or highly suspicious conduct.

In this instance the victim was coming to the police, not running away. She was empty handed, not wielding the dreaded shiny object. She didn’t get to disregard police commands. None were ever given. Chances are the last thing she heard was, “What the fuck…”

The other issue is the jury got to see their so called police force in action. Some of the officers acted like union thugs, rather than law enforcement officers sworn to uphold the law.

“Yeah, I was at the scene. Tell you what I saw? Make me!”

Cops refusing to cooperate with the District Attorney? They have a term for that, “defendant.” I wouldn’t ride with any of those assholes. The Minneapolis Police department could be the poster child for why police unions are against the public good.

There are valid reasons that cops stick together. Those reasons disappear when a cop crosses the line to criminal conduct. I’ve been less than cooperative with Internal Affairs investigators in their quest to prove up a policy violation. I have never lost a moment of sleep over the four cops I saw prosecuted in Federal court, due to my efforts.