Nomination for A Hero Badge

Malicious Obedience

The nanny state strikes again. The New York Transit Authority has decreed that the only dogs allowed on the subway are those that are in bags. The picture above represents just one example of compliance.

Bad law and bad rules undermine all of the law and rules. The problem is that some dog owners did not control the animals, which resulted in incidents. Rather than go after the guilty parties and handle complaints on a case by case basis, the transit authority came up with a blanket rule. The riding public complied, after a fashion.

Over the years I have heard a variety of justifications by suspects trying to avoid responsibility. A short list:

  • I know it is against the law to sell dope to the police. No cops, it’s cool.
  • Everybody does it.
  • I was just having fun. (This from a juvenile who raped both the husband and wife, held them hostage for 24 hours and stole their car).
  • They’re not my pants! (The implication being that the ounce of crack cocaine in the pocket wasn’t his either).
  • Marijuana isn’t harmful. (This after the guy called EMS because of a marijuana induced panic attack).
  • A suspect I arrested was explaining his criminal history. I got convicted of burglary, but it was a bullshit charge. (Seems he and his co-defendant burglarized a school. His partner went inside. His job was to stand outside a second floor window, look out for the police and catch stuff his partner threw down to him. He was distracted by the arrival of the police and didn’t see the flat screen TV sailing out the window. The TV landed on his head and knocked him out. The police found him laid out with the TV on his chest).
  • Why aren’t you out arresting real crooks? (I got you as a consolation prize).

I am torn. New York is such a shithole I can’t understand why anybody would choose to live there. On the other hand, New York is such a shithole, I don’t want anybody dumb enough to live there moving to Texas.