Nomination For A Hero Badge

NYPD Detective Sergeant

A boss at a New York City Police Department (NYPD) precinct is accused of shoving her panties into a male coworker’s mouth, police said Monday.

Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra, who is the second-in-command at the 72nd Precinct Detectives Squad in Brooklyn, allegedly lashed out at her male colleague, Detective Victor Falcon, after he complained about her leaving her undergarments strewn across the unisex locker room, the New York Post reported.

“They are f–king clean!” the 38-year-old women yelled before shoving her panties into Falcon’s mouth on October 7, a source told the Post.

Cops, these days are just too sensitive. To a dinosaur like me, it sounds like an invitation to lunch. 

Sensitivity is a slogan on a condom wrapper.