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Officer arrested after SAPD vehicle found abandoned on train tracks, missing license plates and laptop, officials say

A SAPD traffic cop made the news. He reenforces my claim that: “Traffic enforcement is very important…. It gives really stupid cops something to do!

According to the story, this rocket surgeon dinged his patrol car. Such an action, if properly reported, might have resulted in couple of days suspension and a remedial driving course. In my experience, you can’t be a real cop until you’ve dinged a patrol car and caught some days (not necessarily in the same incident).

But we’re dealing with a traffic cop here. Rather than report the accident, he staged the theft and subsequent abandonment of the vehicle. It was found parked on railroad tracks with the license plates removed. Yeah, no one will ever be able to identify the origins of the car. Did I mention that it was a marked patrol unit? Good news bad news on his level of success.

He avoided the fleet safety hearing, the remedial driving course and the three-day suspension. Instead, he was arrested for stealing the vehicle, blocking the railroad tracks and tampering with evidence. He was also indefinitely suspended, (effectively fired).

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