Nomination For a Hero Badge

Famous But Incompetent

Not your daddy’s FBI!

People might get the impression that I don’t like the FBI. They would be wrong. I have no respect for the FBI. I don’t know if J Edgar Hoover wore dresses in private. But when he ran things, the FBI displayed competence in some areas. Now that it is okay for FBI agents to wear dresses, in public and adopt pronouns to suit their feelings, the organization has gone to hell. Here is a follow up to the Whitmer kidnapping case that you won’t see reported in the MSM.

I pity the crooks sitting in jail. It is one thing to get caught fair and square. Imagine the reaction of fellow criminals when it becomes known that these guys got caught by the FBI. That is kinda like carjacking a car with a standard shift and not being able to drive anything but an automatic.

Kinda reminds me of the time I showed up to do a dope deal driving a Ford Crown Victoria with “Police Interceptor” logo on the trunk, black wall tires, spotlight and vinyl floor mats. The crook observed that it looked like a cop car. I responded, ” ain’t it neat?” Then we did the deal. Somehow, I don’t think Tony Montana started that way.