Nomination For A Hero Badge

Chief Michael Shaw, active participant in BLM protest

Here is a tale of three cops who decided to attend protests. Two of them attended the rally in Washington D.C. The third did more than attend a BLM rally. He was an active participant in the protest.

The two cops who went to Washington are under active criminal and internal affairs investigations. I haven’t seen it alleged that they did anything illegal. Just the fact that they were there was enough to trigger the investigation.

The clown with who was an active participant in the BLM rally, didn’t suffer at all. The difference? He had enough brass on his shoulders to make a Mexican doorman jealous. It’s good to be the Chief. Secondly, his protest was in support of a violent groups that advocates the overthrow of government.

Remember the good old days when throwing firebombs and bricks and stealing shit was an exercise of ones right to protest? I guess it depends on whose side you are on.

I am torn, just a little. When I was working you wouldn’t have caught me within a mile of a demonstration, unless it was a duty assignment. Yeah, blah, blah, blah… rights. I preferred to keep both camps guessing. Even now, I’m not quite as rabid a conservative as many would think.