Nomination For A Hero Badge

No good deed goes unpunished. The reality is, if you are a cop any asshole can film you at anytime, roll with it.

This isn’t as straight forward as it looks. Cops are busy making an arrest when a(n) asshole concerned citizen decides to stop and film the activity. The cops take notice and approach the would be Speilberg and ask him to identify himself. The asshole concerned citizen refuses. By God, he knows his rights. Yeah, no.

By inserting oneself into a situation, as a cut rate Fellini, the cameraman suddenly becomes a witness. Witnesses are required to identify themselves when asked by law enforcement. Should either side decide to introduce the video as a trial exhibit the cameraman would potentially have to testify about technical aspects of the video.

In this particular case the asshole concerned citizen has additional problems. What he doesn’t know are all of the circumstances behind the question.

“officers were in the area investigating and making arrests related to a check fraud scheme thwarted at the Citizens Union Bank across the street from the McDonalds.”

Bennett was pointed out by a suspect as a driver involved in the alleged crime, authorities said, though police later concluded that was not the case.

Lt. Col. Steve Schmidt of the Jeffersontown Police Department

The suspect apparently wasn’t any happier than the police that the asshole concerned citizen was filming the event. So in the greatest tradition of turds everywhere, the suspect identified the cameraman as a co-conspirator involved in the crime for which he was being arrested.

Yeah, crooks lie. However they generally lie to get out of trouble. When crooks make a statement against penal interests, cops are entitled to believe them. By implicating the cameraman in his criminal activity the turd was admitting that he committed the offense. Once the cameraman was implicated as a suspect, he had an obligation to identify himself. This he refused to do. Sucks to be him.

Here is a primer on statements against penal interests.

Statement Against Penal Interests

This isn’t the same as making a statement against penile interests.

Statement against Penile Interests

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