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Deadly Weapon

One good thing about the ANTIFA/BLM riots. The use of skateboards by rioters has effectively redefined the child’s toy as a deadly weapon. Skaters used to complain about being picked on. Imagine the bitching that will happen when they start getting shot for carrying a deadly weapon.

Chicago police officers and violent rioters collided on Saturday as riots broke out in the Windy City. According to Chicago Police, at least 24 people were arrested during the protests that escalated into violence. …
During the riots, two civilians were injured and 17 police officers were treated for injuries. …
Brown said one of the cops injured was an officer who was “beaten in the head several times with a skateboard.” …
The situation became so uncontrollable that the city was forced to raise the area bridges to limit access. The same defensive tactic was implemented by the city last Sunday during the riots and widespread looting.

Any object can be a deadly weapon. It isn’t the thing, but the manner in which it was used.

I had a roommate, called Heart Attack. Earlier in his college career, he was a dedicated frat rat. He was leaving an apartment accompanied by several other frat rats and sorority Suzies. The consumption of adult beverages, to excess, was involved.

The origins of the incident are unclear. It may have come about because of a challenge or possibly it was drunken bravado. As the group walked through the complex, they passed several freshly planted trees. Each one was eight to ten feet tall. Heart Attack latched on to one of the saplings and uprooted it. He began waiving it over his head as if it was a club while uttering threats. While the members of his group were amused, the off duty police officer was not.

As the officer related in the arrest report. “Upon being confronted by the suspect, waiving a tree over his head and uttering threats, I feared for my safety. I drew my weapon and commanded him to “Drop That Tree!””

Heart Attack complied. Both Heart Attack and the cop became a legend in their own time.