Nomination For A Hero Badge

A Boston based IRS Agent was sentenced to 8 years in prison for raping a coworker. He used his duty weapon, handcuffs and G-ride to carry out the crime. The article does not mention whether or not his actions caused him to be fired.

The District Attorney described the attack.

 This defendant used every tool available to him — his position as the victim’s supervisor at the IRS, his status as a member of federal law enforcement, and the government-issued vehicle, firearm and handcuffs that he had at his disposal — to exert his power, will, and control over and rape this victim.”

Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins

Firing is not a foregone conclusion. FBI agents, supervisors, and FBI attorneys have used government resources to settle personal scores and promote their political bias with no ill effect. On the other hand, Federal agents have been fired for using their G-ride to stop off at the store and pick up a loaf of bread. It is a close call, the government might win a job action.

Cops in prison don’t do well. The bureau of prisons used to maintain a facility that was heavily populated by cops, informants and child molesters. I believe it was located in the Midwest. At the rate that things are going they may need to open a new wing.

My modest proposal is that bureau consider opening a new facility in Massachusetts. They could name it after “Zip” Connolly the Boston raised former FBI agent currently doing life for helping to arrange a murder for Whitey Bulger.

Between the Massachusetts State Police, corrupt Massachusetts democrat politicians, Zip, and his former partners Strzok, and Comey it would be like old home week.