French Pedophiles

France just discovered that one of their celebrated authors is a pedophile. It is no secret. He has been writing about his preference for both male and female children for decades. The story is getting play because one of his victims wrote about her abuse at his hand.

In France especially, this attitude flourished because of beliefs about the freedoms and rights of elite, creative people. Pierre Verdrager, a French sociologist, wrote about this troubling trend and the ripples across French culture, noting, “There was an aristocracy of sexuality, an elite that was united in putting forth new attitudes and behavior toward sex. And they were also grounded in an extreme prejudice toward ordinary people, whom they regarded as idiots and fools.”

Now we know from where democrats got their attitude. They couldn’t even be original. Instead they stole the idea from France. Law only applies to little people.

I spotted another manifestation of democrat and liberal gamesmanship. The French pervert has been writing about sexually abusing children for decades, yet nobody knew. He documented his exploits in his books. He is a best selling author. Can you see where I’m going with this? Many purchased but nobody bothered to read his trash.

Hillary, Obama(s) both of em, have made millions selling books. Have you ever met anybody who purchased one of their books? Ever heard of anybody who admitted reading one? Thought not.

Keep in mind the fate of the former Mayor of Baltimore. I think she is now known as inmate 2451&3/4. Anybody who wanted to do business with the City had to buy her books, cases and cases of them. They bought, but never took delivery.

This explains the liberal penchant for book burning and censorship. It is not only a trip back to their fascist roots. The purchase and exchange of books has nothing to do with knowledge and everything to do with an underground economy. Burn the books and hurt your opponent by removing a funding source.