No Excuse

DoJ warns national secrets may have been stolen after mob ransacked offices filled with dossiers and laptops as DC cop claims off-duty personnel were among rioters and ‘flashed ID badges’ at on-duty colleagues

This is just wrong! Stealing classified information can’t be countenanced. There was no reason to invade the Capitol. The protesters could have bought the secrets from democrats. Just like the Chinese.

Every work station that I ever came across with access to classified files had a safe, nearby. The computer had a removable hard drive which got locked in the safe. We were trained, any untoward event classified stuff got locked up, then the other problem was addressed. It took all of thirty seconds to place classified material in the safe.

Use some common sense. Here is the scenario. Pelosi has been saying for weeks that Trump supporters are going to rally at the Capitol and that there will be violence. Sure enough the Capitol is surrounded by demonstrators. Why would anybody in the right mind choose this time to remove classified material from secure storage? Only reason I can think of is to destroy the material. That wasn’t happening.

Second, how long does it take to penetrate the perimeter? Let’s say a minute. How long to transit from the public area to offices where the classified material is kept. How many stairways, fire doors and security checkpoints between the public area and offices? Stairways, fire doors, and security checkpoints represent choke points where intruders can be stopped or at least slowed down. For the sake of argument say five minutes. So Congressional staffers had six minutes to secure classified information. According to the story, that didn’t happen.

If classified information was stolen the fault lies with Congress. I am not defending the turds that invaded the Capitol. I trying to look at the larger picture. Congressional leaders had a responsibility to protect the staff and the facility. Pelosi warned that the demonstration would turn violent weeks in advance. The security plan devised by the Capitol Police Chief called for additional police assets and the National Guard. That request was denied by the House Sergeant at Arms. The Capitol Police were maneuvered into a position where they were destined to fail. The invasion of the Capitol was an act of political theater , engineered by Pelosi, on the same scale as the burning of the Reichstag in 1933.

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