Do You Know Me?

American Express had an ad campaign that asked the question, “Do you know me?” Most celebrities were not easily recognizable. For instance:

American Express, Mel Blanc

You might not know the face but the voice is familiar. It’s Bugs Bunny!

Back on topic. The gallery above represents two women. One is a democratic poster child and the other a terrorist. Can you identify which is which?

Lorena Bobbitt, on the left, castrated her husband. This automatically qualifies her for sainthood in the Parthenon of democratic sainthood. Ashli Babbitt, on the right, is a right wing terrorist. She was murdered. A Capitol Police officer shot her in a piece of political theater written and composed by Nancy Pelosi. If Trump is guilty of inciting a riot, then Pelosi is responsible for Babbitt’s murder.

In some quarters, it is okay to bemoan Bobbitt’s fate. Babbitt got what she deserved.

It is understandable that democrats are upset by the events of last Wednesday. democrats have done everything possible to demonstrate their disdain for anybody that supported Trump. The MSM and talking heads told them that this was the correct posture. Imagine their horror when they found out that the crowd disagreed with the MSM and liberal sycophants. Since democrats are cowards, Wednesday’s events scare the shit out of them. The result is the panic reaction that is now taking place.

This isn’t the first time that Capitol has been occupied. There is the obvious war of 1812. The British didn’t really occupy the Capitol. Nope, they burned the place down. Then there was the assignation attempt against Truman at Blair house followed by the shooting up of the house chambers by Puerto Rican terrorists freedom fighters.

Yeah the culprits went to prison. However, they were released in 1978 and 1979 by Jimmy Carter, the second worst President in American history. Democrats never met a left wing terrorist they couldn’t love.

According to Wikipedia, the lazy man’s reference. Figueroa Cordero was released in 1978. One year later, in 1979, President Jimmy Carter commuted the sentences of the remaining Nationalists.[2] Some analysts said this was in exchange for Fidel Castro’s release of several American CIA agents being held in Cuba on espionage charges, but the US said that was not the case.[20][21] The Nationalists were received in Puerto Rico with a heroes’ welcome from roughly 5,000 people at San Juan International Airport.[30]

There was another assault on the Capitol that took place in 1983. Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg members of the  May 19th Communist Organization (M19), bombed the Senate. M19 was a farm team for Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground. You remember Bill Ayers, the ghost writer for the worst President in American history Barack “The One” Obama.

Once again, democrats stepped up to the plate and urged clemency. Blow Job Bill Clinton, the serial rapist, pardoned both Evans and Rosenberg. Again the democrats never met a left wing terrorist they didn’t like.

What is the difference? It’s the old saw, “it depends on whose ox is being gored.” Left wing violence is always good and right wing violence is always bad. It doesn’t matter that the law says specified acts are illegal without regard to political leanings. Blowing up the (fill in the blank) in support of left wing causes is always acceptable. Expressing an opinion contrary to leftist thought is akin to setting off a bomb and must be punished.

Like the burning of the Reichstag in 1933 the events at the Capitol are just the excuse that the democrats needed. Modern day book burnings have begun. Twitter is banning commentators based on the content of their writings. Goggle, Apple and Amazon are banning free speech platforms like Parler. Krupp Industries jumped on the Nazi bandwagon in the 1930’s. In a replay, American companies are taking steps to sanction people who don’t toe the liberal line. What is next?

All aboard! Nazis, democrats, same same!

Republicans! Act now before all the good seats on the train are taken!