Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the MSM

Excuse me while I beat this dead horse. Those that don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it. In this case the history is from the 1970’s. I figure 40% of the readers weren’t even born yet. Some 20% were in diapers. The older readers were either stoned, 10% or drunk, 10% and don’t remember. That leaves 20%, half of them are in their dotage and can’t remember what they had for lunch or where they put their glasses. (Hint if you are reading this, your glasses are on your nose.) That leaves just 10% who will remember the events that I relate.

A trans something Trump supporter decided to check out ANTIFA. So he/she/it went undercover (UC). The UC got a black outfit and headed downtown to join the festivities. Surrounded by protesters the UC quickly discovered that not all protesters were created equal. There were the cannon fodder and then there were the affinity group (cadre).

There are different types of bloc organization styles. The building block of antifa is what’s called an affinity group, people you live and work with and trust and know in real life. All the planning is done within that closed bloc, and they don’t let everyone know [what they’re going to do].

trans woman Trump supporter 

The tactic was a favorite of Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Abie Hoffman of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) explained the same tactics were used during the Chicago riots of 1968.

The cannon fodder were there because protesting was fun. The cadre was there to turn a protest into a riot. The cadre agitates, pisses off the police, breaks windows and starts fires. The cadre then ducks into the crowd of cannon fodder and disappears. The cops say disperse and the cannon fodder says, “Huh?” The ass whooping and riot commences.

Strategically what they’re doing is, they’re forcing a dilemma action. A dilemma action is when you put your opponent in a no-win situation. Your enemy has to react. If they don’t react, they look weak; if they do react, they have to react in a certain way where it looks like it’s an overreaction.

trans woman Trump supporter 

Here is the article from PJ Media.

Now we get into the history. Set your dials on the way back machine to 1970. The Palestinian’s had a number of terrorist organizations operating in Europe and Israel. Here are just a few.

The Black September Organization (BSO) (Arabic: منظمة أيلول الأسود‎, Munaẓẓamat Aylūl al-aswad) was a Palestinian militant organization[2] founded in 1970. Besides other actions, the group was responsible for the assassination of the Jordanian Prime MinisterWasfi Tal, and the Munich massacre, in which eleven Israeli athletes and officials were kidnapped and killed, as well as a West German policeman losing his life, during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, their most publicized event. These attacks led to the creation or specialization of permanent counter-terrorism forces in many European countries. The group was last known to be active around 1988.

A leading member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) from its inception, Haddad had been banned from organizing attacks on non-Israeli targets after his role in the Dawson’s Field hijackings in 1970, which were widely seen as having provoked the Black September crackdown on the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Jordan.

However, Haddad defied the ban by claiming to carry out his attacks in the name of a PFLP-EO faction, although he remained part of the PFLP. To support him, he solicited the help of non-PFLP organizations such as the Abu Nidal Organization and the West German Revolutionary Cells (RZ). He also employed his PFLP protégé, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (“Carlos”), who is currently imprisoned in France for terrorist acts committed in 1982-83.[2]

It is unclear to what extent the PFLP-EO formed a faction in the real sense of the word, within the Palestinian nationalist movement. It may simply have been a faction or trend within the PFLP, or possibly a name tag used to shield the PFLP from the political fallout of Haddad’s operations.

Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (Spanish: [ilitʃ raˈmiɾes ˈsantʃes]; born 12 October 1949), also known as Carlos the Jackal (SpanishCarlos el Chacal), is a native Venezuelan convicted of terrorist crimes, and currently serving a life sentence in France for the 1975 murder of an informant for the French government and two French counter-intelligence agents.[1][2][3] While in prison he was further convicted of attacks in France that killed 11 and injured 150 people and sentenced to an additional life term in 2011,[4][5] and then to a third life term in 2017.[6]

The Japanese Red Army (日本赤軍, Nihon SekigunabbreviatedJRA) was a communist militant group founded by Fusako Shigenobu in February 1971 alongside Tsuyoshi Okudaira.[1] After the Lod airport massacre, it sometimes called itself Arab-JRA.[2] The group was also known as the Anti-Imperialist International Brigade (AIIB), the Holy War Brigade, and the Anti-War Democratic Front.[3] The JRA’s stated goals were to overthrow the Japanese government and the monarchy, as well as to start a world revolution.[4]

These groups set out to kill, kidnap and hijack. Collectively they were responsible for Munich Olympics murder of Israeli athletes, the Entebbe hijacking, the Lod Massacre, and the kidnapping of the Arab oil ministers. They were efficient in their ability to kill. They were not effective in achieving their goals. Their targets did not bow to the pressure.

In 1987 Palestinian tactics changed. The Intifada was born. Jet setting superstar terrorists like Carlos the Jackal were replaced by nameless teenagers. Rockets, Semtex and and automatic weapons were replaced with slingshots, rocks and bottles. The new fighters had no chance of winning a confrontation. Their role was to go head to head with Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and die.

This bit of street theater proved more effective than the antics of Carlos the Jackal and company.

  • First Intifada, a Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation lasting from December 1987 to 1993
  • Al-Aqsa Intifada, a period of intensified Israeli-Palestinian violence, which began in late September 2000 and ended around 2005
  • 2014 Jerusalem unrest, a series of violent acts and attacks in Jerusalem in 2014 sometimes referred to as “Intifada”
  • Israeli–Palestinian conflict (2015) – 2015 escalation in Israeli–Palestinian conflict, sometimes referred to as “Al-Quds Intifada” or “Jerusalem Intifada” or “Knife Intifada”[7]

Go back to the tactics described by the UC: Strategically what they’re doing is, they’re forcing a dilemma action. A dilemma action is when you put your opponent in a no-win situation. Your enemy has to react. If they don’t react, they look weak; if they do react, they have to react in a certain way where it looks like it’s an overreaction.

That rings a bell. Extra points if you can identify were the concept has been spouted before. I know, I know….

Marighella visualized that a popular uprising would be enough. He was proven wrong. His basic concept remains in play. The variation is that current practitioners of his philosophy know the value of those that “take it to the street”. It’s called a body count.

In the military, leaders who lead from the front are valued. They know in any given action some soldiers will die. A good leader tries to mitigate those losses. In the ANTIFA/BLM world leading from the front is foolish. The role of a leader in the ANTIFA/BLM environment is at the back. ANTIFA/BLM depend on a body count, their soldiers are expendable. A leaders job at ANTIFA/BLM is to push the cannon fodder, much like lemmings going off the cliff.

It is understandable that democrat politicians support ANTIFA/BLM the tactics being used are near and dear to democrats. Tangible results have never mattered to democrats. It is all about the theater. How else can these guys be explained?