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Matthew Trowbridge, It’s for the children!

Some people object to my rhetoric. I have to confess, sometimes I go over the top. Occasionally, my comments are designed to evoke a reaction. The offensive comments may or may not reflect my views or sense of outrage. You figure it out. I’m not telling. Just to put things into context, I found another blog that dances rhetorically out to places I haven’t visited. At the link.

Turtleboy Sports

It might surprise you to know that Turtleboy Sports takes things further than I would choose to go. It would be easy to place the blog out there with Alex Jones. That would be a mistake.

Turtleboy Sorts did a credible job of exposing the Massachusetts State Police hiring scandal involving a dope dealing, money laundering woman who managed to get hired as a State Trooper. This, despite the fact, that she detailed her role in a former boyfriends drug dealing activities in Federal Court.

A former democratic candidate for State Rep Matthew Trowbridge was outed while setting up a sexual tryst with a fifteen year-old-boy. He walked into a “honey trap” set up by a group called  Predator Poachers of Massachusetts. The story was picked up and made it to many conservative websites.

Turtleboy sports takes the story a step further. Trowbridge was also the superintendent of his church’s Sunday School program. He also played Santa Claus.

He also had a Batman costume and made personal appearances at a children’s hospital.

I am not suggesting that an adult who is involved in youth activities or plays Santa Claus is a pedophile. I worked with a narc who played Santa Claus. We tried to get him to do a dope deal dressed in his Santa Claus costume. Not only did he refuse, he made it clear that didn’t see the humor in the request.

However, there is a pattern of behavior where pedophiles engage in legitimate interactions with youth, for illegitimate purposes. The Predator Poachers of Massachusetts have established what Trowbridge is. Now it is up to the police to follow his backtrail.

Will it happen? We are talking about Massachusetts, the home of Barney Franks, Teddy Kennedy and Gerry Studds. It is just as likely that the Predator Poachers of Massachusetts and Turtleboy Sports will run afoul of Title XIX, Chapter 131, Section 5C of the Massachusetts General Laws.

Trowbridge is a natural fit with Joe Biden.