MSM, All the News Print to Fit

I am not a fan of the MSM. I maintain the press is biased. The liberal press is so racist that the KKK is in awe. Here is an example from Yahoo, by way of the the Atlanta Urinal Constipation Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It seems like a star women’s basketball player has been charged with murder, most foul. What were the circumstances?

Her arrest stems from the July 16 death of 21-year-old Nashiem Hubbard-Etienne, whose body was found in the parking garage of an apartment complex just south of downtown Atlanta. Hubbard-Etienne was “the victim of a targeted shooting,”

Police Spokesman

The story is short on facts. The victim is named but there is no other identifying information. No circumstances surrounding the shooting are provided. There is no information regarding her arrest.

However, the article can describe her game stats:

Street, a junior and Atlanta native, averaged 21 points and five rebounds while playing 37 minutes per contest in four games this season for the Owls. She dropped 32 points in their win against Georgia Southern last week, and scored her 1,000-career point earlier this year, too.

Liberals make a big deal about “Black Lives Matter.” But that only counts if the killer is a police officer. Black suspects shooting black victims are not newsworthy. The fall of a black woman from college basketball star to felon looking at a potential life sentence, ho-hum.

I did the work the Urinal Constipation couldn’t be bothered to do. Nashiem Hubbard-Etienne, was a 21 year old black man. He and a friend were exiting their car at an apartment complex when they were confronted by several suspects. Robbery is the suspected motive. Hubbard-Etienne was shot and killed during the attempt.

I guess it should be no surprise that the college website touting the women’s basketball team has been scrubbed. Any mention of her has been removed. So much for innocent until proven guilty. It’s like Kamiyah Street never existed. The possum pictured below will be conspicuous in its absence when somebody finally removes the corpse.

Insult to Injury

If you remove mention of a person from a website because they are charged with murder, does that mean the murder never happened? If the school was really contrite, shouldn’t they forfeit all the games where she was instrumental in the win?