Me! Me! Look at Me!

Would you take a class with this idiot?

A San Antonio College (SAC) Professor showed up on the first day of class wearing what he purported was a ballistic vest. SAC also known as San Pedro High School is a Community College just north of downtown. A San Antonio Police Officer was shot and killed just blocks from campus within the last month. According to this turd, the vest isn’t to protect him from criminals. It is to protect him from legally owned and carried firearms.  Anti-gun-texas-professor-wears-body-armor-class-protest-campus-carry/

I have counted ballistic vests as part of my wardrobe for over twenty-five years. “Second Chance,” at the time a start-up company, believed in their product so strongly that they accepted post dated checks from police officers and delivered the vest long before the first check ever cleared. I am not claiming to be an expert, but at first glance, the vest this clown is wearing has the same ballistic properties as the the “Ghost Shirt” worn by the Lakota Sioux at Wounded Knee. We all know how that worked out.

What I can tell by looking at it is that it is a carrier for ballistic panels. It may, without the panels have enough Kevlar to function as a “flack jacket.” A flack jacket will protect the wearer from shrapnel and debris kicked up by explosions but will not stop a bullet. Course with liberals if it looks like it is supposed to stop bullets than it must be so.) See Lakota Sioux, Ghost shirt, Wounded Knee).

Most police ballistic vests will stop a range of pistol and shotgun projectiles but will not top most rifle bullets. Ballistic vests are comprised of multiple layers of Kevlar fabric. There are other proprietary fibers out there, but essentially they all work the same. These layers lend a rigidity and bulk to the vest that is not present in the picture.

Entry Vests (police) and current military vests are equipped front and back with a rigid ceramic plate. This plate will stop most current rifle rounds common to the battlefield. They add significant weight to a vest and being ceramic do not conform to other shapes. This indicates to me that Professor Turd is not wearing a ballistic vest but a ballistic vest carrier.

The sale of ballistic vests and components may be regulated. In Texas, only convicted felons are barred from possessing ballistic vests. Go to any army surplus store, gun shop, or Internet catalog you can find hundreds of examples of ballistic vest, load bearing vests, entry vests, and combat vests. If you look at the fine print you will find the term “CARRIER” Typically this means that the vest itself has no ballistic properties, but has been modified to accept ballistic panels as an after market add-on. This appears to be the case in the picture above.

So what? The story says he is concerned for his safety to the degree that he is wearing a ballistic vest to class. Except, the vest and his concern are phony. He could have bought a ballistic insert for an additional $600-$900, but he didn’t: that makes him a cut rate fraud. This story isn’t about the message; it’s all about the messenger, kinda like a two-year-old breaking potty training.