If They Weren’t So Stupid…

Stop me if you’ve heard this latest joke. A liberal enclave in Minneapolis made a vow that they would offer their park as a refuge and not call the police. Shortly afterwards 300 homeless showed up and set up camp. Now the homeowners are not happy.


These folks are discovering that in order to cut down reliance on government, one must possess certain skill sets. The problem arises when it turns out the necessary skills are as abhorrent as calling the police.

Mitchell Erickson’s fingers began dialing 911 last week before he had a chance to even consider alternatives, when two black teenagers who looked to be 15, at most, cornered him outside his home a block away from the park.

One of the boys pointed a gun at Mr. Erickson’s chest, demanding his car keys.

Flustered, Mr. Erickson handed over a set, but it turned out to be house keys. The teenagers got frustrated and ran off, then stole a different car down the street.

Mr. Erickson said later that he would not cooperate with prosecutors in a case against the boys. After the altercation, he realized that if there was anything he wanted, it was to offer them help. But he still felt it had been right to call the authorities because there was a gun involved.

Two days after an initial conversation, his position had evolved. “Been thinking more about it,” he wrote in a text message. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”

Legal Insurrection

Unable and unwilling to defend one self. This clown felt guilty about being robbed.

George MacDonald Fraser, wrote s series known as the “Flashman Papers. In one episode the main character describes his take on the Apache Indians.

The Apaches considered themselves superior to all other people. Flashman pointed out that the Apaches could not work metal to make pots, pans and knives. They were unable to make firearms. The whites and Mexicans had these things.

The Apache reply was simple. Why should they be bogged down making stuff? Whites and Mexicans were easy to kill. Once dead, the Apache could steal their stuff.

I don’t know if that sentiment is historically accurate. These days it seems to apply.

Is Minneapolis burning? Need more gas for the fire?