Good Dog!

This is the Special Operations Dog injured in the raid that killed the ISIS leader.

Her name and picture were classified until President Trump declassified the photo. Her name remains classified. She appears to be a Belgium Malinois. I hope I haven’t crossed the line by revealing her sex. I guess she could be trans.

Most people probably won’t understand why a military working dog would be classified. It isn’t the dog so much as the overall program of which she is a part. The military regards her as a piece of equipment whose capabilities and deployment are secret. The identity of the dog and her handler are both classified.

There is a perfectly valid reason for this. The dog responds to verbal commands, and hand signals. She probably has a certain degree of autonomy in regards to protecting her handler. That means if she feels her handler is being threatened, she is going to intervene.

Here is a scenario. Let’s give her a name, “Jack.” Now let’s put her and her handler in a hostile environment. Jack responds to a threat and attacks a terrorist. The team moves in to effect an arrest. The handler gives her the command to release, “Jack, Off,” he shouts. Uninformed bystanders may wonder why this guy is ordering a circle jerk, in such a situation.

Somebody tuned in can put two and two together. Jack, her handler and his support are Delta Force Operators. This could compromise the mission.

We had Belgian Malinois when I worked a the task force. They are intelligent, mission focused dogs. Noeska, a Malinois, had a female handler. We used to say, when they were in the G-ride together, Noeska was the brains of the outfit.

According to the Babylonbee, CNN is hard at work trying to find dirt on this hero dog.