Deja Vu, All Over Again

If only it were that easy

A democrat is proposing a 1000% tax on Ar-15’s. This falls into the same category as a California court ruling that bumble bees are fish. Let me take you on a trip in the wayback machine. Back in the 90’s it was stylish for legislatures all over the country to pass legislation to tax illegal drugs. Yeah, no, it didn’t work.

The way it was supposed to work was that dope dealers had to purchase a tax stamp for the type and quantity of drug they possessed. I never caught on with dopers, but stamp collectors loved them.

The way it was supposed to work was dope dealers were supposed to purchase tax stamps prior to possessing drugs. It was up to the narcs to request the dealer to present the proper stamp. Typically, the initial conversation took place while the dealer was face down on the pavement or sitting amongst the wreckage of their living room. The conversation would go something like this:

Narc: “Okay, Bubba, let’s see your tax stamp.”
Crook: “Huh?”
Narc: “You gotta pay taxes to deal dope, let’s see your stamp!”
Crook, “I don’t have no stamp.”
Narc: “Oh man, you are well and truly fucked now, the taxman gonna come for your ass.”

The next step would be to calculate the type and quantity of drugs, consult a chart to determine the tax liability and forward a report to the Texas Comptroller’s Office. The Comptroller would file a tax lien and initiate additional proceedings for dealing dope without the appropriate tax stamp. Most narcs didn’t bother. I think I did it once just to see what would happen. Since a state agency was involved, I was pretty sure nothing would happen. I hate being right, sometimes.

A 1000% tax on AR-15, AK’s and the like would apply only to those people who deal with licensed gun dealers. In Texas, as a practical matter, it would not apply to private sales between individuals. I guess a tax would be applicable. But, if no record of the transaction exists how would a government entity know that a tax was due?

I haven’t delved into the details. Is the tax due upon purchase or does it apply to transfers? Adam Lanza murdered his mother, stole her AR-15 and then went out and slaughtered 26 people. Had the tax law been in place and required Lanza to pay the 1000% tax for the theft/transfer would that have prevented the day’s events?

Once again, the MSM and liberals fall for the old game. Which is more important, doing right or appearing to do right.