Dear Chief… I Can Explain

Officer Beeker, this one is for you

This incident calls for a new category, Dear Chief… It is dedicated to the individual effort of an officer to confuse, confound and reduce a police chief to a quivering mass of jelly. Nomination For A Hero Badge covers the failure of individuals or of the organization, command, training, policy and procedure to provide meaningful guidance to subordinates. The end result is a bone headed play.

Fat Boys need love

Miami Beach Police released a statement on the inappropriate video on Monday that read, “On Monday, October 7, the Department was made aware of a video posted to social media. Chief Richard Clements immediately launched an Internal Affairs investigation and placed Officer William Beeker in an administrative capacity while the investigation takes its course.”

Miami Beach Police

The video showed Beeker escorting three handcuffed women wearing lingerie to the front doors of the department’s headquarters along Washington Avenue. The women were not being arrested when the video was recorded.

In a second video posted to one of the women’s Instagram story, Beeker could be seen riding an all-terrain vehicle outside the headquarters.

After the women thank him in the video, Beeker said, “No problem. Enjoy the community I like to protect and serve. Have a good day, ladies.”

The problem with waving a policy manual at cops is that it limits their creativity. Policy typically sets out lines that in effect say, “do not cross this line.” The average cop will then spend all his time trying to see how close he can come to the line.

Every once and a while a cop like Beeker comes along. He finds a spot where there are no lines or if there were lines, they were drawn in chalk and it has rained since then. What did Beeker do that was so wrong?

He was surrounded by tits and ass. Look on Google Maps for the police station on Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida. He is four blocks from the beach. Everybody at the police station is surrounded by tits and ass. Here is a picture of a Miami beach goer. The girls Officer Beeker is accused of hanging with are over dressed

Miami Beachwear

The girls were handcuffed. There is no indication that Officer Beeker supplied the cuffs. The article indicates that the women were doing some type of Instagram skit. It is likely they supplied the cuffs.

I can’t say that I have seen the entire video. What I did see was the officer following the three scantily dressed models as they walked past the main entrance to the police headquarters.

I guess the uninformed could suppose that Officer Beeker had arrested the three. I don’t know how they do things in Miami, but I suspect that those three would be the first suspects walked in the front door of the police station. There is a reason the attach sally-ports and exterior security areas to police station.

Keep in mind cops don’t need a reason to do what they sometimes do, just an excuse. Take officer Beeker out of the picture and it would appear that three buxom scantily clad models are making their escape. I suspect there would be no shortage of officers to effect their recapture.

It could be argued that Officer Beeker was there to prevent an unfortunate escalation by officers not aware of all the circumstances.

Suspects who come into contact with the police do not conform to a dress code. Don’t believe me watch COPS a couple of times. Wife beater t-shirts are not mandatory. The point is, cops take the people they contact as they find them. Would Officer Beeker’s actions have got him into all this trouble had the suspects been dressed like this?

Nun Biker Gang

I suspect that there is more to the story than meets the eye. Officer Beeker likely has some baggage to go along with this latest incident. In his defense, this is probably the first time, in a long time, that Officer Beeker has attracted this much attention from scantily clad young ladies.

The Supreme irony is that a porn business, based in Miami called the “Bang Brothers” has submitted a 10 million dollar bid for the naming rights of the Miami Heat arena. Forbes has the story, at the link.

Outrage, selective and transitory