Dating in the New Millennium

I’m not sure the Internet has done anything to improve the dating situation. People enter into dates based on a computer conversation. There is also the problem with euphemisms. What they said and what you think they said could be two entirely different propositions.

Somehow this hook up from hell is supposed to engender pity for the victim. After all, it could happen to anybody. All that is needed is a desire to engage in sex with a total stranger at a private location. At least the bus station men’s room, a traditional location for such activity, limits the homicidal inclinations of most perverts.

I suspect that the victim ignored all sorts of warning signs. It might have been the basement trysting place. Ropes and hooks in the ceiling are never a good idea.

I guess I can generate some sympathy for a guy who’s in such a situation. “How did I get here?” As a last thought, stung up by his ankles, naked, in a stranger’s basement with a knife tickling his genitals lacks a certain amount of insight.

How is one to know?

It has been a while since I participated in the dating scene. Back then it consisted of buying hard bodies drinks while swearing you would respect them in the morning. Sometimes it even worked. I not claiming that this was the foundation of a long term relationship. But at least there was some face time. Every once and a while a fellow barfly might take notice and offer a warning: “stay away from that one.” In other words there were some safeguards.

On line, there is no face time and no buddies that have got your back. There is a difference between an impromptu date who raids the ice box and returns armed with a can of Rediwhip and an offer to nibble on your balls. It is an entirely different proposition when your date arrives at your doorstep, armed with salt and pepper and an offer to nibble on your balls.

His attorney says he’s crazy. According to LGBT community, hooking up with complete strangers for casual sex is completely normal. Masters and Johnson never met a perversion they didn’t like.