Compare and Contrast #372

Conservatives are just so unreasonable

A tale of two clerks. A clerk in a Vape store in Atlanta took exception to a customer’s mode of dress. What followed was a screaming hissy fit complete with verbal abuse and assault.

A clerk (and owner) in a bakery in Colorado politely declined to bake a theme cake for a customer. The theme celebrated the customer’s mental illness, as a transsexual. The baker declined to make the cake because it offended his religious sensibilities. The baker would sell the wacko a cake. He declined to validate his mental dysfunction.

The question is: Which clerk ended up as a target for legal action?

Two clerks, two refusals of service and one legal action. The State of Colorado is going after the baker. It would be simple to say, well one incident happened in Colorado and the other in Georgia. Apples and oranges.

The other difference is that the wacko that ordered the cake in Colorado followed up with a complaint. The customer in Georgia apparently has let the issue drop. The vape store fired the employee and there it sits.

I once arrested a crack dealer, who had just sold a quantity of crack to an undercover police officer. The dealer wanted to know why he was being arrested. He was informed that he had just “sold dope to the man.” The dealer objected stating,” I didn’t sell dope to the po-lice, everybody knows that’s illegal.” Apparently illegal conduct, undetected isn’t illegal.

This is an example of “liberal logic.” There is another video going around where a he/she twists off in a store because the clerk used the wrong pronoun. The he/she used profanity, disrupted store operations, destroyed a couple of displays and probably damaged merchandise in the process. He was allowed to go on his way, claiming victim status as he did.

The vape clerk and the he/she committed crimes for which they could be arrested. They were not. Under liberal logic, criminal activity, even when documented by witnesses and video is not criminal unless validated by an arrest. When the victim does not file charges, then the victim is somehow the perpetrator. The suspect becomes the aggrieved party. To continue the liberal logic, even if charges are filed the arrest has nothing to do with the observed offense. Instead the charges are retaliation against a protected victim class.

Using liberal logic, during the Nazi regime, there was no murder of six million Jews. Extermination of Jews was Nazi policy and therefore a virtue. For more about liberal logic refer to “Judgment in Nuremberg.”

In the good is bad, bad is good, up is down liberal worldview, every time a freak violates society’s norms the individual and cause are validated. The societal norm is delegitimized. Pretty soon the limits regarding civilized behavior are erased.