Co Vice Presidents

The print addition of the San Antonio Express reports that Hillary Clinton is taking a hard look at one of the Castro brothers as a possible running mate. One would suppose she is looking at Julian the Secretary of Housing, but there is no guarantee.  The brothers are identical twins.  So on any given day there is no telling which one is in San Antonio. 

According to Texas Monthly, 2008 they have pulled the old switcheroo in the past.  They got caught at it too, but being democrats it was just all in good fun. More from the Texas Monthly interview:

Have they ever impersonated each other?
Only once, in high school English class, the brothers say. But at one point when Julián—then a city councilman—was running in the 2005 mayoral race in San Antonio, Joaquin appeared on the City Council Barge in the annual Big River Parade and waved to the crowd when the announcer called out Julián’s name. (Julián had planned to be on the boat but instead opted to attend a neighborhood meet-and-greet). Other mayoral candidates were upset by this, including city councilman Carroll Schubert. “I think it’s deceitful and showed very poor judgment,” Schubert said.

The brothers maintained that the announcer simply made a mistake, and Joaquin and Julián appeared in a Good Morning America segment titled “Identical Twins, Political Confusion” in an attempt to clear up the matter. “We never impersonate each other,” Julián explained. “He campaigns for me, he doesn’t campaign as me.” And Joaquin later added, “We get confused every day. I probably spend about half my day telling people that I’m me and not my brother, Julián.

I worked midnight shift in San Marcos Texas a college town.  Two of my fellow officers Bobby and Bill, who were not related and therefore not twins bore  a superficial resemblance to one another.  They were both tall, blond, lanky and wore the uniform well.  We all changed in the locker room at the police station and there was some raiding back and forth between the lockers, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.  Bill started complaining that he was being inundated with telephone messages, left at dispatch.  When he returned the call he was subjected to all sorts of abuse from irate females accusing him of standing them up on dates.  Dates he claimed he never made.

Back in those days there was no direct deposit on paychecks and the city didn’t issue them until two o’clock. So on Friday there would be a crowd waiting for the checks.  On one particular Friday, in addition to the officers in the station, there were four overweight college girls in the lobby, some with gifts, all clamoring to see their date Bill.

There was a simple explanation.  On the nights Bill was off, Bobby would use Bill’s name tag and grab a handful of business cards.  During the course of the evening any fat girl that looked at him twice, got the Bobby treatment and a promise of a date with Bobby/Bill.

This leads to a legal question for which I don’t have the answer.  Is consent effective if it is given to one brother but acted upon by the other?  I won’t go into ethical or moral since we are dealing with democrats, so neither is a consideration.