Say it three times fast, Radical Right-wing nudist without laughing.

Accused Pelosi attacker David DePape spread QAnon, other far-right, bigoted conspiracies (

The dude that is charged with breaking into the Pelosi home is characterized by the MSM as being a right-wing bigot. This is based on diatribes he posted on-line. Two points, talk is cheap, and some terms no longer have an accepted meaning.

DePape was allegedly living in the school bus parked in the yard of a pro nudity activist. Observe the rainbow flag. Apparently DePape was infiltrating left leaning groups.

Reportedly DePape went off on Jews and denied that the Holocaust ever occurred.

Rashida Tlaib, congress critter, and antisemite is a liberal in good standing. Here is a posting from Power Line describing DePape’s lifestyle and actions. How come DePape is MAGA inspired and Tlaib is not?
His former “life partner”, who is currently incarcerated stated that DePape had no politics of his own but mirrored her political beliefs. She is a radical nudist who is a supporter of Nancy Pelosi.

How about this for a conspiracy theory? Nancy Pelosi was tired of her husband’s bullshit. She recruited DePape to take the old man out. Pelosi assisted DePape by removing the security detail that normally watched the house. This scenario is as likely as DePape being a MAGA supporter.

DePape is just one more example of a person who has been rubbing shit in his hair and bragging about it, in an effort to gain attention. Since he was in San Francisco there were two results. One, nobody noticed or two, he was congratulated on his celebration of diversity.

Abbie Hoffman got it right over forty years ago. The MSM cannot handle a detailed explanation. A meaningless slogan, endlessly repeated fits nicely into a sound bite that passes for news. The print media isn’t any better. Newpaper stories are limited by the time it takes to read an article while seated on the shitter.