Biggest Crack Dealer

Biggest Crack Dealer in Cincinnati

Been there, done that! I arrested the biggest crack dealer in San Antonio. He was so fat that the Bexar County jail didn’t have a standard jail uniform to fit him. However, since it wasn’t his first time in custody, he had his own custom made uniform. The Sheriff’s office contracted with Dixie Flag to make the extra big uniform.

Dixie Flag Company

I sent a 400 pound crack dealer to the Federal joint. After sentencing, I ran into him at the Marshal’s booking area. As the deputies were putting him on the chain, I told him to look on the bright side. He would now have the opportunity to stick to a weight loss plan.

Five years into his sentence I found out he was down to 160 pounds. I tried to talk the AUSA into filing a charge of escape. He wouldn’t go for it.

When you are down and out everybody wants a piece of your ass!